Mirth Control

by Divine Intervention Now

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"[C]oolest release of 2014." Ongakubaka Records

"[L]ike little else I've ever heard...low pitched dead pan vocals with prophetic and ominous messages, resting on creepy, exotic instrumentation...like a bad trip as the sun sets on a scorched earth." Modern Folk Music of America


released August 31, 2014

Phillip Mahoney: songs and instruments
Kevin Greenland: instruments and art
Mastering by Sex Dungeon Studios



all rights reserved


Divine Intervention Now Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

sovereign laughter for the last days

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Track Name: The House of Mirth
the heart of the wise is in the house of mourning
the heart of the fool is in the house of mirth
ecclesiastes 7:4
Track Name: A Beast Without Face
she is the nothingness the anorexic eats
death's little cameo between your heart's every beat
and she is
that unrelenting night in which all cows are black
her powers grow with every deepening of the lack
the real face underneath the mask is but a mask
she gives a different name to everyone who asks
cause she lies
like a rug under a dog under a spell
always dropping hints about a secret she won't tell
her disappearing act is just about complete
but you don't even notice cause it happens by degrees
she puts those
love me love me love me love mes in your ear
the licking of those hot pink chops is all you hear
when the scales
on your eyes
fall away
you will see
deep within a lair
trimmed with lace
lies a beast
without face
Track Name: The Mower
like a cat in a cartoon
running off a cliff
realizing in mid-air
that something's amiss
the ostrich that plunges
his head in the ground
leaves this world believing
that he's safe and sound
the obsessive compulsive
repeats ritual deeds
devotees ward off crises
by fondling beads
the beast in the jungle
has already sprung
but you spend your days bracing
for horrors to come
to the green blades of april
longing for the sky
i'll teach you a shortcut
the sweep of the scythe
so gather ye rosebuds
make hay while ye may
the sun in his chariot
is hastening away
the jig is up it's all over
it's time to pay the piper
the celestial lawnmower
in common ruin slays
the dandelions and clover
the reaper follows hard
upon the heels of the sower
accept your fate
Track Name: Johnny
johnny fell down laughing and he split his sides again
he caught daddy in the closet wearing mama's shoes again
he ran downstairs and this is what he said
he cried oooooooo oooooo
johnny fell down laughing and he split his sides again
he found the priest with a lap-full of hair from his best friend's head
he ran outside and this is what he said
he cried oooooooo oooooo
johnny cried in the corner and wished that he was dead
he dropped acid on his 29th birthday and the room turned red
and i'll give you exactly one guess what he said
he cried oooooooooo ooooooo
Track Name: The Prophet In His Own Country
born like any warm-blood beast, between the piss and shit
i was torn from mama's poor-old teats to suck a bitch's tit
my pa was an impostor with no paternal claim on me
he inherited a foster child who caused eternal grief
welcome home to bethlehem
turn the other cheek they laughed and pulled my breeches down
a prophet has no honor mongst the people of his town
i learned em bout the needle's eye, my sweat turned into blood
this could end in fire, i said, this could end in flood
welcome home to bethlehem
my real dad wasn't round much he forsook his only son
but i tried my best to please that man in everything i done
i broke the law so many times i busted it in two
then got busted by the law for petty crimes and thrown in shu
welcome home to bethlehem

he live he lives
but different than before
the lights are on but no one's home
his soul's windows are doors
he lives he lives
but changed from what he was
through empty halls he nightly roams
he knows not what he does
he lives he lives
Track Name: Wish Upon a Doublewide
maybe we ain't made for this place
but it's all we got
i can tell by the look on your face
it's a lot worse than i thought
i know it feels like we're drifting in place
and we can't get a grip
maybe we ain't made for this place
but it's all we get
if we drown all our sorrows in beer
we can't afford smokes
plus these days even dying is dear
for us regular folks
stuck on a ship it don't make sense to steer
cause the water's so still
we can't let the kids sniff out our fear
when they bring the bill

before you cry
close your eyes
and make a wish upon a brand new doublewide

they say the devil takes the hindmost away
so this must be hell
we'll cross our fingers until we get paid
and find more shit to sell
we watched another boat sail off today
as we waved goodbye
if it's true we ain't made for this place
well why even try?